What Our Patients Say

“Dr Samaha, your office is so beautiful and comfortable. Now that I have been with you, and seen and experienced how dental care can be, I compare every other medical professional to you! And there truly is no comparison! I have always been treated so extremely professionally and so nicely by you and every member of the office staff.”

—Debbie Wetmore, Hampton, VA

“I have often thought, ‘How would I describe the perfect dentist and dental practice?’ Well it would have to be a clone of Dr Samaha and her operation! She is not only willing to explain, but to LISTEN. She is open to new ideas and has a high-tech approach combined with high-touch that is so often lacking in health care. She gets my highest recommendation!”

—Howard Weiland, Charlottesville, VA

“In 2003 we enjoyed many of God’s graces and blessings. You have played an extraordinary part in these blessings with your heart, hands and soul, you gave me a smile that I can be proud of for the first time in 59 years. I have never had teeth to be proud of; you gave me a smile that is so wonderful! Now I can’t even find the words to show my appreciation. You have a wonderful staff, too. They are special women.”

—Sally S., Newport News, VA

“Thanks so much for once again, giving me innovative, compassionate and quality dental care. You all are the best! Dr. Lisa, thanks for pushing the technological envelope with artistry and responsibility. None of you can retire until I die!”

—Nancy Howard, Newport News, VA

“Dr Samaha, when I came to you several months ago, I had never met you and knew nothing about your dental practice except what I read on your website. I decided, however, after our consultation meeting, to follow your recommendations. I came to recognize how wonderfully gifted and talented you are. You have taken all the wonderful artistic and personal gifts God has given you and woven them into your dental practice. You, Dr. Samaha, have given me a smile that has been the lifelong desire of my heart! I am thrilled with the results! I want to thank you and your entire staff for such a wonderful gift – the ability to smile without being self-conscious. I thank each of you for the acts of compassion, kindness and patience. You will always have my highest recommendation. It has also has been a blessing to get to know you as a friend as well. May God continue to bless you as you bring the blessing of a beautiful smile to others.”

—Aloma Hudson, Newport News, VA

“Seeing Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha’s artistry and passionate dedication to perfection when she was a student in my watercolor painting class convinced me that I had to have her as my dentist. In the years that I’ve been her patient I’ve seen so many examples of her skill, her precision, her ability to combine balance and beauty with the most advanced levels of care. As an artist myself I expect a lot, and my expectations have been exceeded year after year. I cherish my relationship with her and every member of her team.”

—Jan Ledbetter, Kingsmill, Williamsburg, VA

“I just can’t begin to thank you enough for just how much you have inspired me this past year. Your warmth and kindness you’ve shared and your talents seem to just go on. I never dreamed I that I would ever find a dentist who is not only excellent in your field, but has made me feel so worthwhile as a patient and human being. We need more like you. I hope you never leave this area.”

—Alice O., Gloucester, VA

“Coming to you is more pleasant than a dental experience should be!”

—Laurie M., Newport News, VA

“I was so impressed with your relationship and manners with your staff, all the ‘thank you’s. It is so eloquent. You are very appreciative of them.”

—Joyce P., Williamsburg, VA

“Dr. Samaha is the most caring dentist I have ever had and every member of the staff was not only professional, but personable and caring.”

—Mary B., Detroit, Michigan

“I don’t believe you can receive better, more high-tech care anywhere in the U.S.!”

—Jon J., Memphis, TN

“I can tell that something magnificent happened in my mouth yesterday!”

—Carole Ellers, Charlotte, NC

“Each person at Port Warwick Dental Arts offered such a genuine, sincere embrace! My experiences there are all breathtaking!”

—Laurel Gregory, Newport News, VA

“Dr Samaha is not just a dentist. She is a dental artist!”

—Eddie Sturgill, Newport News, VA

“Your office is a beautiful retreat away from the hardworking world. I almost forgot I was in a place I used to dread coming to- a dental office!”

—Shannon Alston, Poquoson, VA

“Coming to this office is an amazing experience! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in every respect. I see it as soon as I walk in the door and especially as I sit in ‘the chair’. I appreciate the views through the windows and even more, I appreciate your amazing skill and care, Dr Samaha, in every situation.”

—Marnah L., Williamsburg, VA

“Your practice is an inspiration to me. I am so blessed to have found you and your staff. Your facility is amazing!”

—Erica Weiland, Charlottesville, VA

“Your level of professionalism and courtesy is unmatched, Dr. Samaha.”

—Jay D, Hampton, VA

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