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Libby Johnson


“Keeping an appointment with Dr. Lisa Samaha and her team is akin to ‘coming home’. I’ve been Dr. Samaha’s patient since the early days of beginning her practice, thus I have been privileged to experience the very latest in the art of fine, contemporary dentistry: preventive and cosmetic care in a total health practice.

She, her team and I are like family, keeping somewhat abreast of personal goings and coming, and (their) professional growth. PWDA team members are welcoming and nurturing. They blanket me when I’m cold, feed me when I famished, and soothe me with the right music.

I look forward to years of continued dental health support, knowing I will not be disappointed.

I was able to experience the latest in gum grafting procedures, the Pinhole Surgical Technique, painlessly and beautifully done by Dr. Samaha herself. I can always count on her to be at the leading-edge of any technique in dentistry, and to perform any procedure with gentleness and grace. It was such an easy procedure, all the way through!”

Elizabeth C. Johnson
Yorktown, VA

Susie Wornom


“Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha and her staff at Port Warwick Dental Arts have been so very helpful, caring for me with excellence for more than thirty years.

Her professionalism and that of her entire staff make my visits to the office consistently comfortable, with the surroundings absolutely peaceful and enjoyable.

With Dr. Samaha’s dedication to the study of total health and wellness, she is always able to share with my husband and me, many new aspects of living healthier lives. Dr. Samaha’s care has always focused on our total health, offering the most comprehensive of examinations with the best and latest dental technology.

As an RN, that means so much to me, especially as time goes by and our bodies require more attention.

I would encourage anyone who values their health to see Dr. Samaha and enjoy the kind of personalized care that is rarely found in the world of medicine.

Susie Wornom

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