Mission Statement

To offer our patients the highest standard of quality dental health care available, in the most caring and efficient manner.

To practice the art of healing wisely, serving our patients with skill and compassion.

To offer our patients the most advanced techniques, technologies and materials relevant to our practice of dentistry.

To continually advance our knowledge and expertise in all relevant areas of dental and general healthcare in order to ensure the highest standard of care.

To maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the workplace, an atmosphere in which our team is caring of our patients and one another, and is unwavering in its commitment to excellence in dentistry.

To remain forever grateful to our Creator for the many blessings of our chosen profession.

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Port Warwick Dental Arts - Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha
251 Nat Turner Blvd S
Newport News, VA 23606
Call: 757-223-9270
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