How Does the Pinhole Gum Surgical Technique Work?

Our Gum Rejuvenation Surgery Restores Your Smile

The pinhole gum surgical technique is a pinhole receding gums treatment that is superior to gum grafting for patients in Hampton Roads and Newport News.

Traditionally, if you had receding gums, you would need to have scalpel and suture surgical gum grafting. Gum grafting is an unpleasant, painful and time-consuming procedure, and it has an extended recovery time. Though the results may have been worthwhile since receding gums can cause a myriad of problems, it is a difficult treatment that means soft tissue is surgically removed from the roof of your mouth and grafted to the roots of your teeth. Cutting, stitches, pain and a long recovery period–up to three weeks or longer–are par for the course.

The innovative Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ offered at our dental practice in the Newport News, Hampton Roads and Williamsburg, VA, areas, makes traditional gum grafting a thing of the past. Not only that, it makes receding gums a thing of the past. The Pinhole Gum Recession Technique™, also called Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™, is the most conservative, gentle and predictable method for treating gum recession. It is revolutionary in its approach and it has been tested for more than 20 years, and not only proven safe, but also as effective as the traditional, aggressive means of gum grafting.

The Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™

    • Examination | When you talk with Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha about your receding gums, she will partner with you to come up with the best solution: most likely the Pinhole Surgical Technique™. Though traditional gum grafting is still an option, the benefits of the Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ are so many, and research shows that you can get the same or better results with this treatment over the more aggressive scalpel grafting process.
    • Treatment | The Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ is so gentle, it seems almost impossible that it is so remarkably effective. Dr. Samaha creates a tiny “pinhole” in the gums, just above the tooth to be treated. A special, delicately designed instrument is slipped through this almost microscopic hole. The gum tissue is gently loosened and then slid down onto the root to the precise area of need. Collagen is inserted to hold the gums in place and help them heal. The Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ is quick, smooth and gentle.
    • Healing | This is another significant difference between traditional gum grafting and the Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™. Other methods of gum grafting take up to three weeks to heal and result in meal after meal of yogurt, broth and pudding. After the Pinhole Surgical Technique™, most patients can eat a proper dinner that very night.
    • After Care | With the Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™, your healing can be quite easy. We will want to see you afterwards, just to make sure you are progressing well and practicing the simple methods to ensure the ongoing success of the treatment.


Learn More About Dr. Samaha’s Alternative to Gum Grafting in Newport News

Traditional scalpel and suture gum grafting is no longer the only solution to treating receding gums. We are so happy to offer the Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ to our patients in the Newport News, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, VA, and the surrounding areas. The Pinhole Receding Gums Treatment™ can give you a beautiful, healthy smile with little to no discomfort. Call today and we can schedule you for a consultation to discuss your personal concerns and this marvelous advancement in periodontics.

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